The Oyama Stainless Steel Inner Pot Rice Cooker

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It is possible that this rice cooker refreshes your memory. That is if your mother had a rice cooker when you are growing up. Now it is your turn to buy one and use it to cook rice and other grains for your family. And if you are looking for the best rice cooker for your home, you should consider the Oyama Stainless Steel Inner Pot Rice Cooker. It is made of stainless steel, one of the reasons why it is a durable appliance. If you like cooking grains, this will help you cook delicious ones each time.

The item comes with the following things:

  • A ? measuring cup
  • A rice paddle
  • A warranty card
  • A bowl made of stainless steel
  • A free steamer tray made of stainless steel
  • A tempered glass lid
  • A fixed power cord
  • An owner?s manual

The Oyama Stainless Steel Inner Pot Rice Cooker

Key Features

Robust construction

This cooking pot is constructed with one of the strongest metals on earth, stainless steel; the steamer tray is made of the 304-grade stainless steel, making it long-lasting too. If you are searching for the sturdiest rice cooker, then get the Oyama one. Stainless steel is also known not to absorb odd flavors and smells and it does not react with sauces or acidic foods. Moreover, stainless steel also does not rust, peel, tarnish or pit. It is just the best of the best. Note that the steamer tray is included with the purchase for free.


If you have a big family, then the Oyama rice cooker with an inner pot is the best pick. It can hold up to eight cups of raw rice and these will produce up to sixteen cups of cooked rice later on. When you have several guests, this appliance will be extremely helpful.

Glass Lid

This product comes with a glass lid for easier tracking when your food is cooking. Instead of lifting the lid, you will simply take a look severally to see how your rice is cooking so as to change settings accordingly.


As aforementioned, you will receive a free steamer tray that will enable you to steam any amount of food as your rice cooks at 500watts. This cooker is, therefore, a dual purpose appliance that will make a perfect addition to any kitchen.

Simple single-touch operation

First, you will pressure cook your rice by simply turning your appliance. Then you will leave the rice to cook on until it is ready. Once it is ready, the cooker will automatically switch to the Keep Warm mode. This will allow you to serve the rice later on.


Perhaps you are imagining that this rice cooker is only best for cooking rice. While it is made for this purpose, it is also best for cooking other grains that you like serving. At the same time, you can steam your vegetables and favorite meat and foods in your steamer so as you to serve a complete meal at once.


  • The tempered glass lid enables you to see how the rice or another type of food is cooking without lifting it
  • There is a freely provided steamer that enables one to steam meat, vegetables, and another type of food in the same pot. This saves time.
  • The cooker is made of stainless steel, which marks a robust construction
  • There is a removable inner pot that can also be used as a serving pan
  • It comes with a non-stick inner coating that enables even heat distribution
  • When the rice is ready, the cooker switches itself off.


  • This appliance does not work with a 220-volt power outlet

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer:?Yes, its bare minimum is 2 cups of raw rice.

Answer:?The pot is too large for this amount of raw rice and will not be fully covered up by the suggested amount of water. So the rice might cook poorly. But if you add at least 2 cups of rice, the result will be nice.

Answer:?You will receive one steamer tray for free and it works. If you need another one, make sure you order another steamer tray from the same company and try to place it on top of the original and see if it could work as an extra steamer.

Answer:?There is no need to.

Answer:?No, definitely.