Tips for Upkeeping Old Appliances

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Appliances age in different ways. Each major appliance typically has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Meanwhile, smaller appliances last for about nine years. 

Caring for your old appliances can extend their longevity. You can use your home warranty contracts to achieve this. Here are some tips for maintaining your old appliances. 

For Your Microwave

  • Keep your microwave functional by not putting anything metal inside it. For instance, removing aluminum foil from food items before putting them in the microwave is ideal. Doing this will prevent fires and other electrical problems.
  • Keep from heating any flammable drink or food in the microwave to prevent an explosion or fire.
  • Removing the seal from any vacuum-sealed food or beverage will prevent it from exploding in the microwave and making a mess. 
  • Keeping the top of the microwave uncovered will let heat escape while it’s in use.
  • Cleaning the stains and spills inside the microwave after each use will clear out the unpleasant smells.
  • Using one of your home warranty contracts for your microwave maintenance will help extend its lifespan. 

For Your Washing Machine

  • Inspecting the hose will reveal any problems early. Replacing the hose will prevent the washing machine from flooding your house. 
  • You can replace the hose every five years to ensure its optimum function.

For Your Air Conditioner

  • Cleaning the filter will make the air conditioner work better. Dirty and clogged filters prevent good airflow. This reduces energy efficiency as well. A clean air filter could go a long way in extending the unit’s lifespan. 
  • To clean the filter, remove the front panel of the air conditioning unit and vacuum the reusable filter. This removes as much dirt as possible. You can just replace the filters if you use disposable ones. 
  • You can also use one of your home warranty contracts to call professionals for precision cleaning.

For Your Refrigerator

  • Cleaning the coils will keep the fridge cool and efficient. Doing this will prevent your refrigerator from failing. It will also avoid expensive repairs or the purchase of a new fridge. 
  • Dirty coils will not release heat very well, putting too much strain on the compressor. You can call the professionals using one of your home warranty contracts to do this for you. 

For Your Dishwasher

  • You don’t have to rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. However, it helps to scrape off larger chunks of leftover food off plates before you put them in the dishwasher. Doing so will prevent food residue from building up in your dishwasher. This also ensures that your dishwasher is running at top performance.
  • Cleaning the inside of the dishwasher removes leftover food scraps and mineral deposits. These substances can clog, cause foul odor, or result in leaks. Running the dishwasher with some white vinegar will remove these unwanted substances. 
  • Scrubbing the walls of the dishwasher by hand and cleaning out the filter can also refresh the dishwasher.

For Your Washer and Dryer

  • Resist the urge to overload your washer and dryer to keep them from malfunctioning. 
  • Excessive weight can cause some parts to break. The machine could also end up leaving detergent residue on the clothes. You will need to rerun the cycle again. This will be a waste of energy, time, and water.
  • Taking care of the doors while closing them will keep the switches intact. These door switches tell the washer and dryer to run. 
  • You can use one of your home warranty contracts for the maintenance of your washer and dryer. 

For Your Oven

  • Circulating dry heat is what makes the oven works. The door should have a tight seal; without this seal, the oven could lose about 20% of this dry heat. This extends the food’s cooking time.    
  • Checking the seal of the oven involves locating the rubber lining or the fiberglass gasket along the over door’s perimeter. Tracing your finger along the perimeter will allow you to find torn, deformed, or broken areas. The presence of leaks means you need to request a seal replacement using one of your home warranty contracts.

Home Warranty Contracts Can Help Maintain Your Old Appliances

Appliances can make your household function with precision and efficiency. Maintaining them well can make them last for years. You can clean them yourself or use your home warranty contracts to call in the professionals. These professionals can help clean and even repair your major and minor appliances. Your old appliances will remain functional as long as you care for them well.