Vremi 15 Piece Cookware Set

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One great thing about this cookware set is that it is low-priced and has several pieces. Thus, if youre looking for the best gas stove cookware set for your home, you should consider the Vremi 15 Piece Cookware Set. It is a colorful and lovely cookware set with adequate pieces to support your cookery.

The Vremi 15-piece Cookware Set has the following pieces:

  • 4 pots with 4 glass covers
  • 2 sauce/frying pans
  • 5, non-stick cooking utensils accessories

Vremi 15 Piece Cookware Set

Key Features

Enduring build

This cookware set is designed to last long regardless of how often it is used. Made of high quality, non-toxic food-grade aluminum, the set has an enameled exterior and a non-stick interior that allows even heat distribution.

Non-stick cooking

The Vremi non-stick cookware set is the best pick if you love searing and frying food. The pots and pans are non-stick and support quick and clean cookery. Cleaning your utensils after cooking is extremely easy and quick as the pots and pans do not catch stains.

Multi quart size and oven safe

The small, medium and large enamel coating placed over the aluminum pots, saucepan set, and skillet pan offer a capacity ranging from 1 to 4.2Quart. It is also oven-safe and withstands up to 300-degrees F. Note that the glass lids are not safe to use in the oven. As a result, this cookware set gives you value for the little money you spend on it.

Cooking accessories

This 15-piece cook set from Vrumi comes with accessories to use with your cooking utensils. It offers up to 5 non-stick cooking utensil accessories that are designed with heat resistant, BPA-free black nylon that does not warp or develop scratches. Each of these is equipped with an ergonomic handle plus hanging holes for stress-free storage and display.

Vented glass lids for pots

Each heavy-duty stock pot or soup pot has a detachable vented glass lid with easy-to-grip knobs and stainless steel rims. This promotes direct viewing of meals while preserving steam and keeping any mess from splattering.

Lightweight and portable

These gas stove compliant pieces are lightweight, easy to pack and suitable for home and away. Ranging from big pots for cooking family meals to tinier pots and pans for outdoor camping cookery, this cookware set is one of the most versatile ones around.


Besides the use with gas stovetops, the Vrumi 15-set cookware set can be placed on electric cooktops. Strictly, the company forbids placing this set on induction stovetops. Moreover, this set supports even heating as long as the chef makes sure that the flame does not go beyond the rims of the pots and pans. This will also prevent the handle from getting uncomfortably hot.


  • Coated with a non-toxic, non-stick interior material
  • The non-stick coating ensures easy food release and hassle-free cleaning
  • This cookware set is safe to place in the oven
  • The set is versatile in that it can be placed on different stovetops and can support home and outdoor cookery
  • It is made of top quality stainless steel and aluminum materials, which are both durable
  • The Vrumi cookware set costs less and offers enough pieces
  • Offers vented glass lids and 5, non-stick utensils accessories


  • This cookware set is only washed by hand; it is not dishwasher safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer:Unfortunately, this set is not compatible with induction cooktops.

Answer:No, they are made of metals and microwaves are designed for utensils made of glass, plastics or ceramics. So dont try this to avoid a fire accident.

Answer:No, they are designed to fit just the item they were made for.

Answer:The sizes are not clearly quoted. However, they are ideal for preparing family meals and mini meals during travel.

Answer:As the name suggests, the manufacturer is called Vrumi and have designed a perfect cook set.

Answer:The pots can nest together and are lightweight. Even if all pieces are packed together they are still easy to carry.


One thing we love about this cookware set from Vrumi is that it costs less and offers 15 pieces. You also can pick from two colors, black and colorful, allowing you to select the item that would go well with the rest of your kitchen utensils and style.