WearEver Pure Living C943SF Nonstick Ceramic 15-piece Cookware Set Review

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If you are searching for the best ceramic cookware set in regards to performance and safety, then you are right on the point when you select the WearEver Pure Living Nonstick Ceramic cookware set. Its features are outstanding and easily make it one of the most practical yet durable cookware sets. To elaborate on this conclusion, lets review its fundamental characteristics.

WearEver Pure Living C943SF Nonstick Ceramic 15-piece Cookware Set Review

Key Features

Smart Layers

Layering is the most critical feature of this extraordinary cookware set. This cookware set has a robust yet light aluminum base layer to help attract maximum heat from the source. It further quickly and uniformly distributes heat to all parts of this versatile cookware set. As a result, your cook gets cooked evenly and rapidly.

Perfect heat distribution

Furthermore, the heavy-duty aluminum base is contoured to help in heat regulation. The heating process is even from the source of the heat. This impact-bond technology allows for the heat to uniformly distribute both in the inside and outside of the cooking vessel. As such, the food maintains its original flavor. It also eliminates chances of the food getting burnt out.


Efficiency is an essential feature of this cookware. Its efficient in heat conservation, cooking speed and food quality. It turns a laborious chore into an enjoyable task.

Healthy cooking

Since food can continue simmering even after you shut off the power, you get food cooked by steaming. Steaming enhance the natural nutrients within the food in comparison to other cooking methods, like boiling.


This is a versatile set is safe for use on all types of stovetops except induction top. The 14 pieces comprising the set is what enhances its versatility.

Workmanship and durability

The craftsmanship of the set is excellent. The color-matched handles are firmly riveted to the vessels with strong and sturdy stainless steel brackets. Handling and manipulating the pots during cooking is thus easy. Tapered and flared rims facilitate clean food transfer.


  • The innovative heat dispersion enables equal and fast cooking and heating process
  • The hardened glass lids fit very tightly
  • The silicone handles dont heat up; hence there is no need for protection cloth
  • Steam cooking improves the nutritional quality of the meals prepared
  • Made from toxin-free natural materials and stainless-steel provides excellent heat conductivity
  • Great value for money
  • Dishwasher-safe set, including the lids.
  • Oven-friendly.
  • Engineered and design in the USA
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Shipping outside the USA is somewhat limited.
  • Does not use induction heat source
  • Warranty does not cover dishwater damages

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer:No. You cant use the cookware set on an induction plate. But you can use it on all the other cooking tops.

Answer:The set is dishwasher-safe. Using high-quality liquid dish detergent on normal temperature and cycle setting, combined with air drying will lead to perfect washing results. Avoid using inferior tablets and cleansers. They cause fading of the sets ceramic coat.

Answer:The set comprises of the following units. Four cooking pots with matching lids, steamer insert and sturdy handles (1-, 2-, 3-, 5-quart capacity), three frying pan skillets with sturdy handles (8- and 10.5-inch) diameter. A saucepan of 10.5-inch diameter. Together with lids, the pieces make up 15 units. These elements are all made of similar materials, matching colors, and same durable and glossy materials for the efficient performance of different cooking requirements.

Answer:You dont need special utensils. You can use regular wood, bamboo, plastic, and silicone or rubber cooking utensils. However, dont use a metallic tool since they have sharp edges that cause scratches on the sensitive non-stick coating. You can use stainless-steel utensils with rubber or silicone top. But ensure you use heat resistant utensils. So, silicone and rubber products are suitable for cooking.


The WearEver Pure Living C943SF Nonstick Ceramic 15-piece Cookware Set is a highly priced cookware set. But the value you derive from it far exceeds the monetary cost. Its sturdy, durable and reliable. Further, the many pieces simplify the complicated task of making assorted foods for a large family and guests. With the limited lifetime warranty, you are clear of its reliability. In conclusion, this cookware set is, undoubtedly, a clear winner in ceramic cookware set review assessment.