Weber Original Kettle Premium

If you are looking for a product of true perfection and at the same best for your outdoor cooking, Weber Original Kettle Charcoal Grill is the choice for you. Weber never lets its customers down, especially when it comes to creating products that have their own unique designs. This is what to expect from Weber Original Kettle and to top it all, it has a convenient style. So, you can load charcoal easily, hold and clean the ashes without any problems.

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Key Features


Weber Original Kettle is highly durable due to the high-quality products used for construction. The cooking grate is made of plated steel. The charcoal grate is made of heavy-gauge steel. And the lid and the bowl are of porcelain enamel. The general construction is porcelain steel which prevents damage, dents, and rust from the product.


Use this when you want to control the temperature of your grill.  You can also see the temperature from the in-built lid thermometer. This displays the temp of your grill inside so that you can know when it’s right to adjust.

One-touch cleaning system

There is an ash catcher right below the grill. It offers a hassle-free clean up for any debris and ash. All you need to do is to remove the catcher and throw away it in the trash.

8-inch rubber wheels

The wheels make moving the grill around easier. They are durably designed so you don’t have to worry about any elements on your yard that may spoil them.


The grill has a unique kettle like shape convenient for your outside cooking. It has handles on both sides where you can place your grilling tools like tongs and spatulas. Just at the side of the grill, there is a place where you can place the lid instead of putting it down on the ground. Another thing, the lid is designed with a shield handle which prevents it from getting too hot thus, making it easier to hold.


  • Cooks large quantities
  • Ashes and debris are easy to clean
  • Can load charcoal easily
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Comes with wheels for easy movement.


  • Not portable
  • It is difficult to assemble some parts

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you assemble the grill and what do you need for assembling?
The product comes with instructions on how to set-up different parts of the grill. Make sure to connect the handles and legs first before using. For the work, you’ll need a screwdriver, small hammer, and a small crescent wrench.
Is the grill a standalone or you need to place it on the table?
It is a standalone because of its tripod pole.
Does it come with briquettes?
Yes, it does though not as much as to last you for long. It is good to also buy yours depending on the ones you like.
Are hinge grates included?
Yes, the grill comes with stainless steel hinges on both sides.
Is the cover included in the purchase?
No, it doesn’t. You’ll need to purchase the cover separately but it is very affordable.
Do you have to remove the centerpiece or hinge it to the side?
You don’t have to remove the grill in order to add more charcoal. Instead, hinge it to the side and use tongs to drop coals in the box.
Does the grill have vents at the bottom to control air in the grill?
Yes! The vents are the same adjustable vents that drop the ash from the grill into the ash holder.
Can you use this grill as a smoker? If so, what can you smoke?
You most definitely can. Just set the right amount of charcoal to get the maximum results you want. You can smoke meat, chicken, ribs, brisket, pork, and so much more.
How many hamburger patties can you cook on the grill?
This is hard to say since most patties come in different sizes. But most probably, you can place 16 to 18 patties on the grill.
Does the grill come with a charcoal basket or do you have to purchase them separately?
You don’t have to buy the charcoal baskets since the grill comes with two of them.


Weber Original Kettle Premium
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If you love parties and cookouts, the Weber Original Kettle will come in handy. It has a maximum of feeding a large group of people. Its features make it convenient to use and it will be the right choice you ever make when it comes to simplicity and large volume cooking.

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