Wusthof PEtec Electric Sharpener

We have gone through different types of electric knife sharpeners and Wusthof PEtec Electric Sharpener caught our attention as it was one of the best electric knife sharpeners with razor sharp blades. Even though the product is heavy it has gained a lot of popularity. Price and feature ratio was the main thing we wanted to look into and our review of the product can be found below.

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Key Features

Razor Sharp High-Quality Blades

Oh my! This electric sharpener has the best quality blades. It can be felt when you lift the product itself. Blades are tightly fixated on the housing and they look very sturdy. However, because of their sharpness, it is important to take care of the grinding process. If there is too much of the vibration you should switch off the machine unless the knife is thick.

It has three stage sharpening mechanism

When you have three stages you expect the knife to get good sharpness. Same is the case here. The first stage of the sharpening process is grinding where the dullness will be treated. After that, the knife will pass through the honing process. This is the second stage. Once this is done, the third stage will be the polishing or stropping process to give better edges.


It is lightweight for sure. One of the concern is because of its material it may generate a lot of friction. Sometimes this will lead to blade vibration. This results in a reduced level of tightening. But, it will last long for sure. It may require a little bit of tightening and a bit of maintenance. Parts are free from BPA.

Easy to Use Design

When you consider the design, you feel that the product has made everything easy for you. All you need to do is just pull through the knife a few times in each stage to get the desired results. You can even monitor the effect after each stage. If the knife does not need honing and polishing you can skip the process.

Perfect for All Kinds of Knives

There is no need to go for different electric knife sharpeners when you are getting one sharpener, which can sharpen all kinds of knives. You can sharp pocket knives, chef knives, pairing knives, military-grade knives, fishing knives and other kinds of knives in this sharpener. With its diamond abrasive, it provides pristine quality sharpening. The rubber grip is an added advantage.


  • It has Diamond abrasives, which result in a high-quality sharpening and stropping results giving clean edges on the knives.
  • Compact and stable
  • Rubber feet on the sharpener gives a firmer grip for the sharpener when placed on the table
  • Highly Dependable German craft and engineering
  • Three stages of the design offer different options and abilities to the sharpener
  • For the price, you will get the best quality product
  • It is an easier store because it is lightweight
  • Easy to utilize
  • BPA free product parts
  • It has high durability


  • It is Not dishwasher safe
  • You might see some scratches occasionally
  • Expensive for sure

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use it on thick survivor knives?

No. It is not for them.

What is the wattage level?

It has 125 watts.

Will I get any warranty?

Yes. For home use, it comes with 3 years warranty.

What is the correct sharpening angle of the product?

It is 14 degrees.

What is the optimal voltage?

It is around 110 v. You can even provide 120 v input without facing any issue.

I guess it is not for serrated knives.

Yes. You are right. These will have no impact on serrated knives.

Can I wash it by hands?

Yes, but use spray cleaners instead. You might cut your hands while cleaning.

Can use it for scissors?


Can I use it outside the USA?

No. It is all about input voltage. If you use any voltage more than 110v then you will notice that your sharpener will work for a few seconds before the circuit burns itself leaving behind a black smoke.

10. Where was this made?

It uses German technology but assembled in the USA. It is definitely not a Chinese product. Do not worry about that. Chinese product will have a relatively lower cost compared to other product from other countries.


Wusthof PEtec Electric Sharpener
  • Editor's Rating


Wusthof PEtec Electric Sharpener is among the best electric knife sharpener because of its diamond abrasive, three stage sharpening process and the overall quality of the blade. When you look at the product you can that it is premium and hence the cost is also high. If the price point of the product is an issue, then the company should look after the pricing.

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