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You dont need to be a professional chef to use the best paring knife. Secure the high quality and highly effective Zelite Infinity 4-inch alpha-royal series. This paring knife would turn your dull and risky cutting chores into an enjoyable adventure. In fact, you would convert your kitchen slicing activities into a quick and effortless experience. What else would you expect if you already have a razor sharp tip, contoured blade, and a comfortable handle? Below is a detailed discussion of the features, the advantages and the common question most potential user would seek answers for before they commit to picking their best cutting knife.

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Key Features:

The excellent and exotic elements of the knife would convince you that you ought to get only best. Once you have tried this knife out, you would immediately appreciate why its the best paring knife.

Razor sharp blade

The four-inch blade of the knife is sharp as a razor. It can cut, chop, slice and peel as well as do many other functions to a wide variety of vegetables and meat products. Nothing is too tough for the thin but sharp blade. The blade tip is angled at between 12 to 15 degrees to help you effortlessly make desired incisions into a fruit or vegetable item. The angling helps you to check the status of meat or poultry by simply using the pointed tip. From the cutting edge, the blade contours in wavy etch that traverse the entire blade length to ensure better precision when cutting soft and delicate fruits such as cherries and strawberries.

Durable construction material

The knife is made using superior construction techniques. From the selection of the original materials to the final finishing and packaging elements, nothing is left to chance. The highly durable and rust resistant composite carbon-rich stainless steel blade ensures you get a long stress-free service.

Comfortable handle.

If you are a professional chef, you realize how demanding precise chopping and slicing can be. When you have a whole crate of fruits awaiting your hands to pattern them into intricate shapes, then you only have your knife to turn to. Luckily, Zelites handle is soft and weighs just right for the demanding slices. Its perfect weight eliminates the hand fatigues synonymous with heavy blades. The triple riveted blade is comfortable and safe. The handle is easy to manipulate and allows your hand to make a quick and acute manipulation.

Multipurpose and versatile

Another reason to pick this knife is in its ability to perform numerous functions. It can spike, cut, chop, trim, skin as well as incise any form of food. From the hardest nut to the flimsiest of parsley leaves, this cutter is up to the task. Besides, the knife is easy to use. You dont need to go through a huge manual to understand how to handle it. Whats more, it blends well with your hand. The resultant cut piece makes the choicest of the food particles you can imagine.


  • Elegant design
  • Multipurpose knife
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Razor-sharp edge


  • The most expensive product in this category

Frequently Asked Questions

The knife measures 7.9 x 0.06 x 0.5 inchesIts made from high-quality ASCU 33-layer carbon grade blade rust-resistant stainless steel. The handle comprises of lightweight carbon steel. Certainly. The blade has a sharp pointed tip and is angled at 15 degrees to allow for easy pricking and incision without damaging the fruit or meat piece. The knife is made from tough and scratch proof materials. Even when it collides with other cutleries, it doesnt chip. However, we advise you to keep the knife safely. We recommend that you use a specially designed wall-bracketed holster where the blade doesnt mingle with other kitchen implements. Yes. You can wash the knife using a dishwasher. Unfortunately, the machine tends to blunt the sharp edges after some wash. Therefore, you should clean it manually. For this purpose, you need lukewarm and soapy water to wipe the remaining particles off the knife.


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