Zulay Manual Stainless Steel Knife Sharpener

Finding a premium quality knife sharpener at a lower cost is not easy. We can find such products but it is difficult to judge their Quality based on the description. We have brought you Zulay Manual Stainless Steel Knife Sharpener, which is priced at a lower value and the company says that it is one of the premium and best knife sharpener. To check their claims, we have reviewed the product. Let’s see how strong and the premium it is.

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Key Features

Comes with Two -Stage Sharpener

Unlike most of the two or three stage knife sharpener, this sharpener has two different types of technologies to sharpen your knife. One stage has a ceramic grinding and another stage has tungsten grinder. Isn’t that amazing? Ceramic grinder is to give a fine finish with round blades and tungsten stage is more of the coarse knife sharpening stage.

An Allrounder

Zulay Manual Stainless Steel Knife Sharpener is a true all-rounder thanks to its design. You can use this sharpener to sharpen any kind of knife given that they comply with the blade angle of the sharpener. It helps in sharpening army knife, fishing knife, kitchen knife, chef knife, meat slicers, pocket knives, etc.


As it has a tough surface, it is expected that the product will not have any issues. There might be small vibrations when you use thicker knives but mostly it has a pretty solid architecture. Tungsten is used and it is evident that tungsten can withstand the pressure with its strong housing.

Good Design with Serrated Knife Sharpening Ability

Even some of the costliest knife sharpener does not include this option. The manufacturers of those electric knife sharpeners have clearly mentioned that user cannot use serrated knives in them. This one has the ability to sharpen your serrated knives with ease. The fast action will give desired results with honing and polishing mechanism.

Double Beveled Edge and Safety Mechanism

The product has double beveled edge sharpening technology. It also has an ergonomic handle with a strong grip along with the non-slip base. This increases the safety and security aspect of the product. It further absorbed all the shock generated by vibrations.


  • It has a Tough surface for stability and durability
  • Highly Cost efficient
  • Easy to utilize, maintain and handle it
  • Sharpens all kinds of straight, slightly thick and serrated knives with ease
  • 100% satisfaction is guaranteed
  • High results with just a few push through
  • Ergonomic handle with grip
  • A non-slip strong base for security and safety


  • Not for the ceramic knives
  • It needs Extra force to get desired to sharpen level

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use the first stage for serrated knives as well?
If you want, you can. It will be better if you use the second stage as it will give the knife a much-needed sharpening. Then you can make use of the serrated section once more as it is mainly designed for serrated knives.
Where is it made?
It is printed on the box. It says that the product is manufactured in China mainland. But, considering its quality you should not worry about the country of origin, to be honest.
I have a couple of ceramic knives with dull edges. Will this electric knife sharpener be useful for me?
No. If you want to sharpen the ceramic knives then go for three-stage ceramic knife sharpener from the same manufacturer. It is also a good product and cost effective as well.
How effective is this product on Cutco and fish knives?
The product is designed for universal use. It will be really good for Cutco and fish knives as well. Further, you can even use it from either side for better results.
Many electric knife sharpeners do not recommend using them for scissor sharpening. What about this one?
Scissors have thicker edges. Because of that, some manufacturers do not recommend. But, this one can handle the scissors given that the thickness is not very high.
Is it heavy?
No, on the moderate side.
Does it have a grip?
Yes. It has both a grip and anti-slip base.
How many times to do I need to sharpen my knife?
It needs a little bit of pressure. As soon as you feel your knife is good you can stop.
Can I use it for dull steel?
Yes, you can.
Is it electric?
No. It is handheld.


Zulay Manual Stainless Steel Knife Sharpener
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Zulay Manual Stainless Steel Knife Sharpener is an all-rounder knife sharpener and it is definitely the best knife sharpener at this price point. They have two levels with different techniques of tungsten and serrated grinding. This gives it an additional advantage and it becomes a multipurpose knife sharpener with that.

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